Boeuf Bourguignon


Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon

Het maken van een Boeuf Bourguignon is een behoorlijke hoeveelheid werk. Naast al het snijden e.d. moet het gerecht een behoorlijk lange tijd op het vuur pruttelen. Reken dan ook voor de voorbereiding al op 20 minuten, en daarna nog zeker 2 uur of meer pruttelen op het vuur.
Het gerecht is echter geschikt om per portie in te vriezen voor later gebruik, dus schroom niet om een flinke pan te maken.

Als bijgerecht kan ik simpelweg rijst of bijvoorbeeld stokbrood met kruidenboter aanraden.


  • 150 gr. spekblokjes
  • 1 kg. Rund- of riblappen
  • 2 Winter penen (dikke wortelen)
  • 2 Grote uien
  • 12 Sjalotjes
  • 200 gr. Champignons
  • Tomaten puree (geconcentreerd, klein blikje)
  • 2 tenen Knoflook (of meer naar smaak)
  • 1 a 2 Eetlepels Bloem
  • Kalfs/Rund Fond
  • 1/2 Liter Rode wijn
  • Gedroogde Italiaanse of Franse kruiden

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vmware vsphere errors

Just throwing this out there since I’ve searched my ass off solving an error that vmware vcenter server 4 was giving me today. The error was:

failed to configure vim account on the host, unable to lock password file

As it turns out, the root partition on the ESX host was full. Some genius had tried too make a backup there.

Here’s to hoping this helps someone someday.

The human animal

Is a great program from the BBC which looks at humans and human behavior through the eyes of documentary maker talking about animals. Desmond Morris has some great insights into how we tick, definately worth watching! (I especially liked part two, “The hunting ape” for vegetarians).

The Human Animal – The Language of the Body (1994, Part One)

The other episodes are after the break…
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Rocking Firefox plugins

These are my favorite firefox plugins. Just to give that tiny bit
of extra publicity to the ones that, in my opinion deserve it:

  • Ghostery shows you how websites are watching you.
  • NoScript turns off javascript and thereby all tracking software etc, and allows you to turn on only what you really need.
  • FlashBlock blocks all flash media by default. It’s amazing how good life is without flickering ads. And you can easily allow flash from certain sites with a rightclick.
  • Foxy Proxy allows you to send certain domains through a proxy (or ssh tunnel or whatever). Very handy for tunneling intranet sites through ssh tunnels.
  • Grease monkey allows you to modify pages you visit in many many ways
  • Web Developer is a toolbar with handy options for playing with websites’ code
  • Xmarks stores your bookmarks (and even passwords, argh?!) online, love it or hate it. I have mixed feelings but moving from PC to PC it does prove it’s value.
  • Download Helper will allow you to save most flash web content easily to your harddrive. In case those pesky youtube admins don’t like some funny movie…
  • Fast Dial shows a bunch a thumb nails of your favorite websites every time you open a new tab. Think giant bookmarks…

Only download from places your trust.