HTC Hero now without lag and stuttering

A while ago I got a HTC Hero, and while android really is kick-ass, it did have a few minor issues. Sometimes flipping to the next screen would lag a little, and really high bitrate mp3’s would give to occasional stutter. I already have a fast micro SD card in the phone (class 6), which allegedly already solved some of the slowness. However, now with the latest update to the phone it’s now incredibly fast! I recommend everyone that has a hero phone to upgrade to the new android a.s.a.p.

The version I’m currently running is Hero_2.73.405.5 and it’s great. Just keep in mind that upgrading will completely wipe the phone, so remember your favorite apps to reinstall after the upgrade. And don’t forget to store your notes etc, which is the only thing I forgot 😐 The phone contacts got synced back from my google account with 0 problems by the way.