Mouse click source code for osX

I got a request for the source of the click program I used for the farmville scripts, so here it is. The program takes X and Y coordinates of your screen, starting from top left and clicks the given location.

To compile it just save the source as “click.m” and compile it with something like:
gcc -o click click.m -framework ApplicationServices -framework Foundation

To compile it you’ll need to have xcode installed.

If you make improvements, please leave a comment or drop me an e-mail where to find the updated code. Who knows, I may be able to use it for something else in the future.

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Farmville “soybean delete method” script

The original farmville harvest macro script seems to be quite popular, and with good reason. I’m glad to be saving health care systems across the world some money by preventing some facebook induced carpal tunnel.

So, here is a script to easily spend the heaps of money you made with the auto harvest script, and get some easy xp in the process. The easiest way for quick xp is to plow a field (1xp), plant some soybeans (2xp), and delete them again. Rinse and repeat until your money runs out.

The script: soybean-delete

How to use:

  • buy a mac… no windows here.
  • download the script (if you are unix-clueless, I recommend putting it into your homedir, not the download folder)
  • download the click program into the same folder
  • open a terminal and make the script executable by typing: chmod +x
  • repeat the previous step, and make the click program executable
  • run script by typing(20 is number of times to plant/delete): ./ 20
  • switch farmville to fullscreen
  • put your mouse over some bare, unplowed, land
  • wiggle your mouse to stop the script after you’re done