The human animal

Is a great program from the BBC which looks at humans and human behavior through the eyes of documentary maker talking about animals. Desmond Morris has some great insights into how we tick, definately worth watching! (I especially liked part two, “The hunting ape” for vegetarians).

The Human Animal – The Language of the Body (1994, Part One)

The other episodes are after the break…
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Facebook Farmville harvest macro

A while ago I started playing farmville on Facebook, which turned out to be more addictive then I planned for. The insane amount of clicking in this game can give you carpal tunnel, so it’s time to macro… There are some scripts out there for windows that automate the clicking, but nothing for os x as usual. After some fiddeling I was able to hook into a library to control the mouse on my mac, the rest was a piece of cake.

The goods: download the following two files to your mac homedir (make sure they’re in the same directory)
1: click
2: FarmVilleBot
3: Open a terminal and make the two files executable by typing something like: chmod +x filename
4: run the script from your terminal window by typing./ 20 20 (Replace 20 20 by the amount of rows and columns you want to click)

To make sure your farm and other stuff is not “clicked” add the fields to the skip list inside the script. The fields in this list are counted as the clicking moves along starting in the northwest corner moving to the northeast corner. The script can be use for everything you need, harvest sowing and plowing. Just make sure you have the correct action preselected in farmville. When the script starts you have several seconds to move your mouse to the correct location inside the farmville window. If you need more time, just increase $t inside the perl script.

Note: It seems to work just fine in full screen on my iMac, but in windowed mode it’s skipping fields. I’ll test on my macbook later… If it works for you in windowed mode, please leave a comment.